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Crystals - Your New Power Tools

Crystals are a go to gateway into the New Age healing movement and ain’t they just so pretty and powerful. To many using crystals for healing and protection seems like building a chair out of sand - useless. But to those of us in the know they are much more than what they seem.

Crystals come from deep within the ground and are imbued with the potent Energy of Earth herself. In fact there’s nothing New Age about them, Humans including Indigenous Tribespeople and Shamans, have been working with crystals and other natural tools for protection, healing and raising energy for eons.

And they’re making a come back. People across the world are remembering their ancient connection to these little treasures using them to decorate their space while bringing vital protection. Crystals are also used to boost our mood, bring self love, clarity, peace and improve sleep. What’s not to love? It’s just placebo you say? Who cares! People have believed in their power forever, and anything that helps us connect more deeply with something greater than ourselves is worth a shot, no?

Whether you’re into them or not, there’s no denying crystals are making their way into the Nation’s heart as we find ourselves more and more drawn to the spiritual to find a sense of purpose, ease and healing in the modern world which can feel overwhelming and disconnected.

As with most ‘new age’ healing practices, crystal healing isn’t new at all. Evidence of their use dates back thousand of years with the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and many Indigenous Cultures drawing on their power. Humanity has a deep, historical connection with these precious stones and an intuitive ability to use them for healing, protection, cleansing and purifying energy.

Crystals can be worked with in many ways. Healers will place them on the physical body to bring harmony to the subtle energy system when giving a healing, to balance the chakras for example and regulate chi or life force energy. You can work individually with them in ritual, keep them in your home, car or desk to absorb negative frequencies, or carry them in your pocket like your own mini spirit guides.

Your crystals will need to be frequently cleansed and recharged which is a simple process. You can douse them in salt water and place either in the sun or full moon to recharge them, purify them with smoke from sage or other smudging tools like palo santo.

Here’s our top three Crystals everyone should have in their tool kit:

Clear Quartz: Known as the Master Healer; clear quartz is a precious little piece formed deep in the Earth and holds many powers; including the ability to absorb, store and regulate energies. It’s a power stone that it can cleanse and rebalance your energy field and the energy fields of other crystals. This quartz can absorb negative energies (always remember to cleanse your crystals regularly to release these low vibrations), bring harmony to the subtle energy system from our physical, to mental and emotional realms. It’s a great all rounder and perfect to get started with.

Rose Quartz: Cultivate loving energy, abundance and joy with this soft, feminine gemstone. A gentle, beautiful stone potent for inviting in the energies of self love and compassion, it aids in healing a broken heart, grief and is sometimes called the Heart Stone for it’s powerful ability to heal deep emotional wounds. Keep this stone close to you, place it under your pillow to cultivate unconditional love ad you sleep or place it on your heart as you listen to a guided healing meditation, tune into the subtle emotional healing that follows.

Black Tourmaline: Humans have carried this stone as a talisman throughout time to protect themselves from danger and ward of bad vibes. It's closely connected with the lower chakras, this stone grounds us into our roots helping us find stability and safety within the body while providing powerful protection from low vibrational frequencies. Keep it close to you at all times, in your home, car, on your desk. If you feel your energy has been negatively affected, hold this stone in your hand and take deep cleansing breaths in and out, visualising releasing tension and anything else you want to release.

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