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Live Joyfully Everyday – Whatever the Weather

Would you like to feel more radiant, calm and happy every single day? (It's a yeah - right?)

There is a way. No matter what's happening in the outside world you have the power to decide how you feel - isn’t that a relief? Acknowledging and accepting yourself as the powerful creator of your own reality and resolving to live an intentional life with joy and fulfilment are key to reclaiming the life you deserve.

We’ve all been there – it’s Monday morning; you’re feel fresh, energised and ready for the week ahead, you get to work and the energy is just…bleh. Colleagues are complaining; the weather’s grim, there’s an entire week to slog through, gossip’s circulating about the dreadful news and before we know it we're sliding into anxiety, stress and fear. We leave work, our precious energy highjacked, feeling drained, frazzled and needing a lie down.

Think of yourself as an energy sponge absorbing everything in your environment. Whether we realise it or not we’re in a constant dance of absorption and expulsion, breathing in/breathing out, taking stuff in - letting stuff go. So we want to make sure whatever's going in is great quality and high vibin’ because you are what you eat (and we're talking more than just physical food here).

Recognising that energy and time are our most precious resources (infinitely more precious than money), and that when we allow the external world to dominate our internal world and determine how we feel then we’re giving our power (our energy) away. Understanding this can be key to unlocking a deep sense of contentment in life.

We live in an extraordinary time. Never before has Humankind had such large quantities of information at it's fingertips, but this can make us fraught with anxiety. We just weren't designed to process such large amounts of data, it can be too much and our nervous systems bear the brunt of this excessive stimulation. As humans we have such sweet sensitive hearts, minds and souls and the events of the past year have truly shown us just how interconnected we all are. A particularly triggering news story or simply the constant uncertainty around the pandemic can have a major impact on us, causing a fight, flight or freeze response that can significantly impact our health.

Collecting tools to reduce the impact of the external world on our internal world means we regain control of our well-being and our lives. This doesn’t mean we no longer care about what’s happening out there nor does it mean we detach from loved ones but it does mean we learn to recognise when something is taking it’s toll on our energy and can immediately begin to take steps towards rectifying it, finding harmony and balance. Far from being selfish, we can only serve those around us when we’re moving from a place of calm, clarity and strength. Building resilience like this means we’re better able to support those around us because we can't pour from an empty cup.

It takes patience, practice and compassion to regularly protect our energy field but there are some practical steps you can take today to begin supporting yourself back to radiance;

1. Develop strong boundaries around Media (both social and mainstream): Resolve each morning to connect with YOU before letting the rest of the world in. Safeguarding yourself this way everyday with a personalised morning routine is one of THE most powerful things you can do for yourself (this can include movement, affirmations, meditation – anything you like…!).

2. Breathwork: Simple breathing practices can have a profound impact on our ability to regulate our internal state. Consciously inhaling for 4 and exhaling for 6 can instantly relieve stress and promote deep relaxation (give this breath practice a go and see how you feel).

3. Reiki/Energy Healing: Human touch is so nourishing while having someone else boost your energy system can feel extremely supportive. Treat yourself because you deserve to gather a whole team around you to support your well-being and healing.

It’s your birth right to feel radiantly alive, joyful and optimistic single day of your life no matter what, so resolve today to reclaim your power and take steps towards living the life you deserve.

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