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Meet The Tribe


Hey I’m Paulo, I am the founder of Transcend Studios. I built Transcend with the vision of you being able to join us and find a space where you feel safe, secure, held and able to heal. A home from home where you get to turn up and get supported in becoming the best version of yourself.

You'll see me serving in the crystal & coffee shop, as well as teaching Qi Gong, Dance Fitness, Yoga and Sound healing here at Transcend. I’m also a Shiatsu massage practitioner, Reiki Healer and EFT practitioner offering group and one to one sessions.

I’m really proud to be the founder of Transcend Studios, Eccles. The space has been created with so much love and maintained through amazing connections and beautiful collaborations. I can't wait to share this experience with you all and see you around.


Paulo x

Studio Owner

No1 Team Member

Arguably the most important member of the Tribe. 

Pip’s role is to be 100 percent himself (like ours should be too!). For Pip, this means being extra cute, gentle and cuddly. Pip is very happy keeping himself to himself, but if you manage to entertain him, he will give you lots of love, and you may even get a lick if you’re lucky! 

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The Yoga Team

Reiki & Sound Healers

Class Teachers

Event Hosts


The Tarot Team

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