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Transcend in the Community

Transcend in the community CIC, is our charity project, which allows us to take our offerings into the wider community to help people who are in need of our well-being classes, who cannot currently access them.
The sessions we offer through our CIC, are usually free, and are referred into by local well-being projects and doctors surgeries. 
The feedback we get from people who attend our classes through the CIC is immense. And we’re often told how imperative this service is to help with their mental and physical well-being, and how being able to look after themselves in this way this has a knock on effect with improving their lives in other areas too.


If you or someone you know is in Salford and struggling to access well-being services, please contact us and we can signpost you to the right place to access this service.

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Our coffee shop and crystal shop “Moon Chi”, which is located within Transcend, donates a percentage of it’s profits to the CIC. By raising funds ourselves, it ensures we are able to serve our communities consistently, without always having to rely on government funding.


So know that anytime you purchase from our shop, or eat or drink in our coffee shop, you’re already supporting this great cause!

(Is there a better reason to eat that piece of cake?!)

Find out more about our coffee shop and crystal & gift shop here;

If you would like to help locals in the community in need of support, and donate to our CIC, please get in touch.

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