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Our Vibe

Transcend; To Rise Up & Go Beyond 

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Stretching the mind, Moving the body, Soothing the soul


Our Mission

Our Mission is to create conscious inspiring & engaging experiences that allow us as a community, to rise up and go beyond the limits of who we think we are & what we think we’re capable of.

Our Offering

Inspiring people to find the best version of themselves.

Giving people the tools & techniques to continue their growth in their own time, space & way.

Creating a vibration of love & joy that ripples though our community, our culture and beyond.

Our Values


We are completely and sincerely devoted to the safety and acceptance of all individuals who work, rest or play in our space. We deliver our work with a heart led attitude and complete integrity.



We are compassionate to all people, irrespective of gender, age, sexuality or ethnicity. We actively encourage minority groups to utilise the space and offer a warm and safe reception to all. We are open minded and open hearted in all that we do.



Our space is a place for people to come together and feel safe and accepted. We encourage people to meet and celebrate each other and themselves in our space. Our classes should be geared towards creating opportunities to connect, to thrive and to transcend the separation we too often experience. 

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