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Heal Yourself with Soul Soothing Sound

All across the land people are being drawn to dimly lit rooms full of dreamy scents and blissful vibes, lying down and being bathed in healing vibrations from gongs, crystal bowls and chimes. Sound healing is having a moment.

But how does it work? And why is it so powerful?

Any instrument can invoke a relaxation response within our nervous system and we have an inbuilt sound healer ready to access whenever we need it – the Human voice. Using the voice to sing or hum can instantly soothe our nervous system and chanting, mantras and affirmations have long been used for transformation and transcendence into higher realms.

Sound is healing. We’re created alongside sound and rhythm with our mother’s heartbeat and it’s said all of creation comes from the primordial sound of ‘Om’ which is why it’s often in Yoga class, to connect us with this ancient wisdom. Rhythm and pulses of vibration are woven into our very being.

Nature sounds - rainfall, the ocean and birdsong, tap into something primal within us to bring a deep sense of calm and tranquillity. Contrast that with sounds of the city; the roar of sirens, the hum of car engines and traffic. The endless thrum of urban activity can be extremely frazzling for our sensitive energy system.

As we’ve explored in previous blogs everything is energy, pulsating waves and particles that appear solid in form but actually aren’t. Since everything known is energy this includes us, we’ve been taught to see ourselves as physically solid but actually form our cells to our bones we’re actually made from particles vibrating together, pretty cool eh? This is great news because it means that we can positively affect our energy using sound – why? Because sound is the ultimate conductor of energy especially through the element of water which composes over 70% of the human body.

We feel this already naturally. When we hear an argument or listen certain genres of music coming from a rageful, angry place, we feel it in our body. Whereas classical music or sounds of nature are proven to evoke a deep state of relaxation and calm.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s experiments (link) showed how water reacts differently depending on the energy being sent to it, whether high or low vibrations. He had people direct either negative or loving thoughts and feelings to the water which either crystalised as beautiful, clear symmetrical shapes (peace, love, gratitude) or murky, unclear formations (negative energy, hatred, anger). Imagine what’s happening within our bodies when we direct negative energy towards ourselves or others, or if we listen to low vibrational sounds.

You are what you eat but you also are what you listen to.

Sound healing works with this understanding and uses extremely high vibrational instruments and sounds to send soothing frequencies into our Being. Many are drawn to sound healing for its deeply restorative, healing benefits since it can soothe anxiety, depression, insomnia and many other emotional or mental imbalances.

Powerful instruments like gongs send shimmering waves of energy through the room which has a powerful cleansing affect on your energy field. Often people report very quickly entering a trance like state where deep healing can take place.

Sessions are extremely restorative, you basically get to lie down and bliss out while the practitioner bathes you in the healing sound waves of gongs, crystal bowls, and chimes. What better antidote to our busy overactive world than to protect, rejuvenate and restore yourself with the celestial vibrations of sound healing.

We run group sound healing sessions as well as one to one sessions, checkout our timetable to find a session to suit you and come and experience sound hesaling for yourself.

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