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Energy Medicine - Why We Should All Be Talking About it

As our understanding of Reality evolves Science is acknowledging, through quantum physics, that things really aren’t what they seem. Everything you see, touch, hear or sense is energy. Einstein himself decided;

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.’

Amazingly even You and I, though we look and feel solid, are actually a mass of particles and waves vibrating at such a rate as to appear solid when actually, we're not. Bending your mind? Ours too, but this fascinating discovery is vastly important for our healing, empowerment and feeling like the kick ass warriors of love that we really are.

Yogi’s have known for thousands of years that reality is woven together by this Universal energy. They say that Prana, (Chi or Ki); meaning ‘that which is infinitely everywhere’ is what spins the planets, grows the flowers, moves the tides and flows through the Human body animating and sustaining it. It’s what gives rise to our thoughts, our emotions (E-Motion = Energy In Motion), moves us to dance or sing, moves us to do anything. This idea can seem radical to us in the West who’ve been taught to understand ourselves and reality as though it’s all some kind of mad chemical reaction that randomly appeared and will magically disappear just as randomly one day in the blink of an eye.

The Human Energy system is made from layers of subtle energy called the Auric Field. This has been documented with Kirlian photography and confirms what Eastern thought has taught all along, that Humans are multi-layered, multi-dimensional Beings who only appear solid in form when actually the physical body is the last manifested layer created by the invisible layers or ‘bodies’ that come before it. It’s a head scratcher for sure but one that’s worth contemplation because of its wonderful implications for our well-being.

Energy moves through pathways in the body known as ‘nadi’s’ and ‘meridians,’ and when all is well the supply flows beautifully and we feel light, calm, joyous and free (more of that please…). But (more often) resistance builds up within us and the energy supply is depleted, can be blocked, deficient or become excessive. We can keep the feel good Prana flowing through;

- physical exercise to release blockages that cause tension

- meditate regularly and journal to clear negative thought patterns

- eat and drink high vibe food and water

- breathe deep

- salt baths

Sometimes though we need a little help to clear the auric field, super charge the system and get the energy moving again and this is where energy medicine and healing can be super beneficial.

Reiki energy healing emerged from Japan with a man called Mikao Usui in the 40s. This hands on healing technique works with the ‘Ki’ Life Force through a trained practitioner who channels it through their energy system into ours. This is possible because, as we’ve come to see, we’re more like electrical energy conductors than anything else. Practitioners can channel energy into us because all is connected through the unified field.

A Reiki healer will have a consultation with you about how you’re feeling lately and where you’d like to work on your body, mind, heart or emotions. They might use Palo Santo or Sage to clear your energy before asking you to lie down and relax. They’ll then gently place their hands on your body channelling energy into your system.

It’s important to be as open and receptive as you can be surrender to the magic and you’ll experience subtle and profound shifts. Usually people feel deeply relaxed (which in itself aids the body’s own natural healing response), profoundly calm, lighter, more expansive, clearer. Then over the next few days it’s important to stay hydrated and keep your vibe high as you’ll still be processing the shifts and releasing energy blockages in the body and entire system.

It's almost certainly not wise to visit an energy healer if you hammer a nail through your thumb and some conditions will always need to a visit to the doctor. But in terms of preventative medicine, boosting our energy and feeling the best we can, Energy Healing is fast becoming a regular go-to for those who want to take charge of their well-being, create a deep sense of calm and feel amazing.

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