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Yoga - The Pathway to Healing, Love & Liberation

Is it squats, chanting or rolling about on the floor? What is Yoga?

If you’re curious but dazzled by the amount of classes on offer, you’d be forgiven. There's a Yoga for everything and everyone these days, from laughing to goat yoga, traditional to Power Flow - just how do we know which is right for us?

Yoga can be described as a Science and Art. It’s system of holistic practices that guide us back to ourselves through the breath, movement, meditation and yes - deeeep relaxation.

The word Yoga means ‘to yoke,’ to bring and bind together all aspects of ourselves – Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. It can take us from frazzled, disconnected, anxious and stressed to clarity, connection and peace. Much more than just an exercise practice, Yoga encompasses many things, it can (if you want) build core strength and help tone your abs and glutes but this is just surface level stuff. The juiciest bits come from a regularly practice where we get to delve into the deeper aspects of ourselves.

Yoga provides a space for you to explore You. Whatever you’re experiencing, Yoga welcomes you home and expects nothing other than you simply show up and starting with compassion, curiosity and willingness to accept yourself and life experience in the here and now.

Typically in a yoga class we begin with grounding the self through either a seated meditation, slow long holds in Yin, or simple connection with the breath. The emphasis on the breath is to guide us gently into the present moment, out of the thinking mind, into the feeling self in the only place where Life unfolds, the Eternal Now. Much of our worry and stress comes from not being fully present with ourselves and our experience, from either ruminating on the past or worrying about the future in an attempt to stay safe by predicting what might happen.

The truth is when we’re grounded in the body, feeling into the heart, aware of the mind and present with the breath, we can let go and begin to trust in ourselves with faith in our inherent strength and intelligence that we can handle anything Life has to offer, the good, bad, ugly. Yoga offers us this, a pathway to liberation, free from fear, open to love and the endless beauty Life has to give.

At Transcend we offer a range of Yoga classes for you to try. Some are more fast paced and dynamic, some are slower and more gentle. Whatever you need, whether you could benefit from better sleep, a release of excess energy and connecting to deeper peace, or to get some space from an overactive thinking mind, there’s a yoga for that.

Here’s some different yoga classes we offer and what to expect:

Yoga Fit

After the benefits of yoga but with more oopf? Yes please. Try this yoga inspired work out class that creates high vibes, strenth and endurance in mind, body and soul. Designed for all levels from beginners to more advanced, this is the perfect session to connect with your breath and heart, listen & give yourself space to rest if needed or build some fire to melt tension. It’s your practice so take it at your pace. We sometimes work with equipment which is provided, so all you need is your sweet self wearing comfortable clothes you can move your thang in and some water.

Yoga – All Levels

Curious about Yoga but no idea where to start? This is the perfect place to begin. Suitable for newbies and more advanced practitioners alike, this class is great for those who want to create connection to themselves on all levels, Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Feel nourished, grounded and restored by working with the breath, releasing physical tension with movement and completing the class with deep relaxation.

Teen Yoga

Yoga offers a gentle space of self acceptance, compassion & connection with ourselves and bodies. It’s a perfect way for young people to explore themselves and their bodies, what feels good and how to navigate challenges with gentleness, enthusiasm and to build strength and resilience, all while having some fun and finding new connections. Yoga helps us understand and regulate strong emotions, balances mental health and improves sleep. Through yoga we create space in the body and mind and can help us flow through life with ease, joy and confidence.

Hatha Yoga

Harness the breath to powerfully calm the mind in this Traditional Hatha Yoga class. Ha – Sun, Tha – Moon, this practice seeks to balance the energy system to bring greater clarity, ease and harmony to ourselves and lives so that we can access the inner compass and wisdom within. A Hatha class weaves together a full spectrum of practices including asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kirtan/Bhakti (chanting) and Yantra (Numerology).

No prior experience or knowledge is required; this Yoga will meet you where you’re at. Come as you are and be guided through this spiritual practice to leave feeling rejuvenated, balanced, rested and grounded.

Yin Yoga

This restorative, grounding practice uses long slow holds in shapes taken close to the ground. Yin targets the deeper layers of the body and self, invites us to find stillness and Be with ourselves no matter what we’re experiencing. For this reason it can be challenging but so rewarded for those willing to drop in, surrender and practice being held. A nourishing, meditative practice perfect for those looking for a real sense of calm, clarity and peace.

If you're curious and ready to give yoga a go, give yourself permission to let go, have fun and try. Yoga is there for you, waiting to welcome you back home.

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